Kevin McGee


Kevin McGee was a serial entrepreneur long before the term became trendy.  With a wide range of experience ranging from light manufacturing to multi-unit franchising, he started his first major venture at 23 years old.  He has more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and business development experience, giving him unique insight and wisdom into this area of entrepreneurship.

He believes that entrepreneurship is the only way for a person to truly be in control of his or her destiny. Kevin’s passion is to help startup and early-stage companies become self-sustaining enterprises. 

Kevin has founded businesses in the hospitality, retail, and non-profit sectors.  Over the past 20 years Kevin has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start, grow, and, when necessary, exit their businesses. 



 Kevin McGee is a 1993 graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in banking and finance with a minor in Spanish.  Upon his graduation, Kevin’s finance background led him to partner with a regional not-for-profit that facilitated community economic development throughout the southeast.  Kevin began working with small entrepreneurial communities to create community development credit unions with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.



Kevin was Vice President for Business Development and Business Advisory Services for Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE).  ACE is a nonprofit organization that facilitates to the growth of entrepreneurship by providing access to financing and education.  ACE provides loans to small businesses that lack access to traditional forms of credit. Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs works in partnership with banks to meet credit gaps. The personalized underwriting, flexible terms and ongoing assistance give businesses the support and capital they need to grow and thrive. Beyond the financial assistance, Kevin specializes in providing outcome-oriented strategic planning services to entrepreneurs. This consulting allows small businesses to receive the level of consulting that some leading medium-sized corporations can access.

Kevin is also involved in an ongoing research project to determine ways that small businesses can collaborate to create efficiencies and economies of scale to improve their chances of success.

A firm believer in community service, Kevin serves as president of the Morehouse College Alumni Association and is a member of the Board of Trustees for Morehouse and the Morehouse School of Medicine.   Kevin is active in a number of organizations, including United Way of Metro Atlanta, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta, Communities in Schools of Georgia and DeKalb County School Mentoring.  Kevin believes that a strong family is a crucial component of success.  He is married to Dionne McGee, an accomplished attorney, and together they have two beautiful daughters, Kayla and Amaya.  His family is a source of continuous support, inspiration and motivation.

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