Business Coaching

Work one-on-one to reach your goals

Full membership in The Alternative Board (TAB) includes a monthly private coaching session — but you can also get the benefits of professional,one-on-one business coaching without formally joining a board. Getting started is easy and affordable.

Working with a business coach

  • Helps you clarify your thinking about problems and opportunities
  • Helps you focus on important issues
  • Holds you accountable for implementing your action plans, and
  • Gives you a source for honest feedback about “How am I doing?”

My coaching clients get more than my 25 years of experience in working with small business; they also get to work with proprietary tools developed by TAB especially for small business owners.

TAB Business Vantage provides a well-tested online tool for examining all areas of your business. Using it, we can assess your situation today. It’s critical to know where you are, so you can define where you want to go – both in business and in life – and make decisions more confidently.

Strategic Business Leadership is comprehensive online tool for defining your action plans, tracking your progress, and reminding you of next steps. Together, we will focus on making realistic plans. In follow-up sessions we will examine your progress, so you can decide what’s working and what’s not working, and adjust your plan as needed.

Contact Buddy Hull at TAB Atlanta East to discuss how coaching and working with TAB’s specialized tools can help your business:

Telephone 770 633 6078 or Email [email protected]