ALIGNMENT is the side-by-side working relationship that makes great results a Daily Reality for both Key Decision Makers and Direct Reports.

THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR is a comprehensive training program from TAB Boards International that helps Direct Reports get and stay on the same page with the Key Decision Maker.

All the biggest barriers to business success – lack of clarity on the vision, the absence of a strategic plan, factionalism and infighting among members of the company’s leadership, and many others – can be overcome when the executive team understands and commits to Alignment at all levels of the organization.

Companies that implement THE ALIGNMENT FACTOR experience:

  • Reduction in costs
  • Less wasted time
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Greater job satisfaction and retention
  • Decreased workplace stress

… as a direct result of Aligned activity focused on what is really most important to the company.

Team alignment is the most important factor to organizational success. The Alignment Factor™ shows you exactly how to build and sustain a trusting, respectful relationship with your team, step by step. Following the alignment process improves already solid working relationships—and transforms even a destructive or dysfunctional working dynamic—by creating a trusting environment of mutual respect. The Alignment Factor™ will help you: Understand the signs and risk factors of mis-alignment Improve communications with your leadership team Nurture improved company culture to retain top talent.

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